How to download a media viewer for the new video format WMV

1. Go to the following link and download the VLC Media Viewer.

2. Click on the blue box to download the latest version of VLC.

3. Click on the green button to download the free VLC media player.

4. Click SAVE in the next box that appears to save the vlc-media-player-1.1.4.exe to your download folder.

5. Go to your download folder and click on the vlc-media-player-1.1.4.exe to install the player software.

6. Answer the install prompts.

7. After the install finishes Set the VLC as your default media player.

8. Download is not available for most at this time. However, I am working with you tube to gain that option.

    Coming soon....As with most everything in this world there is a fee and registration process for that option.